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Colombia - Finca Villa Loyola Carbonic Maceration - Free Shipping

Colombia - Finca Villa Loyola Carbonic Maceration - Free Shipping


Colombia Finca Villa Loyola
Carbonic Maceration Gourmet Coffee

The carbonic maceration process lends this natural-process coffee a velvety mouthfeel with surprising freshness. Cocoa nib and blueberry in the aroma lead to notes of bergamot and more fresh blueberry in the cup. Raisiny sweetness complements zesty pomelo acidity, leading to a touch of coriander and macadamia nut in the finish.


Producer: Padre José Aguilar Posada
Farm: Finca Villa Loyola
Region: Pasto, Nariño
Altitude: 6,160 feet
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Natural w/Carbonic Maceration
Roast: Light
Notes: Cocoa Nib, Blueberry, Pomelo

The Carbonic Maceration Process
Developed in the Beaujolais region of France in the 1930s as a wine-making technique, carbonic maceration is a fermentation method that intensifies fruity aromatics while restraining acidity and astringency.

To apply this technique to coffee processing, coffee cherries are rinsed, separated by density, and placed in plastic containers. The containers are then purged using carbon dioxide to expel oxygen and other atmospheric gases. Once purged, the containers are sealed using lids with a one-way valve, allowing gas to escape during fermentation while preventing any from entering. In this CO2-rich environment, fermentation begins intracellularly by the action of enzymes, rather than yeast or other microbes. The cherries are allowed to ferment this way for 72 hours before being moved to shade-covered drying beds where they are dried as a natural-process coffee.

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