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Peru JUMARP Ysauro Tocto Chugden

Peru JUMARP Ysauro Tocto Chugden


Peru JUMARP Ysauro Tocto Chugden Gourmet Coffee

Only available in 5 pound bags at this time.

Aromas of dark chocolate, nectarine, and honey introduce this rich and velvety coffee. We found notes of tangerine, cajeta, and rose hip in the cup, with pomelo acidity and starfruit sweetness. The aftertaste of sage and shortbread begs for another sip.


Producer: Ysauro Tocto Chugden
Farm: Mirador
Region: Utucamba, Amazonas
Altitude: 4,833 feet 
Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo, Catimor
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Rose Hip, Tangerine, Dark Chocolate

The Story

Ysauro Tocto Chugden is a member of Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP), also known simply as "El Palto." The cooperative is located in the Amazonian Andes in northern Peru. Founded in 2003 by 35 small farmers, the association now consists of 189 active members with a total area of 549 hectares in production. Women represent 40 of the organization's families, including continual representation on their Board of Directors. The Association's mission is to meet the demand of buyers in specialty coffee, allowing an increase in income for the members and their families.

Ysauro joined the co-op in 2013 and is known for his innovation with new varieties and processes. His farm Mirador occupies 1.5 hectares at an altitude of 4,833 feet and cultivates the varieties of Bourbon, Castillo & Catimor.

This lot was produced with a washed process including a special fermentation. Cherries are selectively harvested, floated to separate any low-density cherries, pulped and then fermented for an average of 24 hours. After washing in clean water the coffee is dried on raised beds for around 20 days, or until the optimum moisture content has been reached.

More about Peru's Amazonas Region:

The Amazon region of the Andes is know as "Selva Alta," or high forest. The Selva Alta is a dense and humid rainforest ecosystem located at high altitude, ideal for growing high-quality specialty coffees. The coffee is grown under the canopy of the native Amazon rainforest.

Amazonas borders the Cajamarca region to the west, Loreto to the east, and Ecuador to the north. Traditional slash-and-burn farming has in the past offered a quick infusion of nutrients in the soil, but this prolonged practice has resulted in degraded lands and devastating deforestation of old-growth forest. Farmers in Amazonas are working to reverse this practice and build soil fertility through reforestation via coffee, cocoa, and other crop agroforestry models.

Coffee production in Amazonas takes place on smallholder farms tucked into the mountains. Producers harvest, wash, and dry coffee independently. Cooperatives mainly serve warehouse functions, and in the past have had to wait to dry mill and prepare coffee for export at third party facilities located significant distances from farms. This is changing as cooperatives seek investments for building their own infrastructure closer to producing areas and to member coffee farmers’ lands.

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