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Simonelli Appia II Semi Automatic 2 Group

Simonelli Appia II Semi Automatic 2 Group


Appia II Semi-Automatic 2 Group - Full Size Espresso Machine


We know that the heart of your coffee shop business is the espresso machine. If it breaks down, so does your business!
Unlike most other websites that sell commercial equipment, we actually run a real gourmet Coffee House
, and know from our own experience AND research what works and what doesn't.

Nuova Simonelli has produced espresso machines for over 70 years, manufacturing machines that promise premium performance under demanding circumstances.

Their coffee machines are reliable, user friendly, multifunctional, and ergonomic.

  • Thermally Compensated Soft Infusion System guarantees a perfect extraction.
  • Boiler Capacity: 11
  • Semi-Automatic Model
  • Installation included.
  • Work surface supports low cup or tall glass.

The Nuova Simonelli Appia II is an innovating and essential machine joining together technology and functionality.

It has been created to satisfy the more demanding customers.
Appia II is ideal for those who want reliability,high productivity and performances from a coffee machine.
Its modern style, the purity of its design and the shininess of steel make Appia II a machine suitable for modern and crowded places.

The Appia II has been conceived to make every operation easier and work less stressful.
Many are the details that make it comfortable, from the soft engaging system of the filter holder to the Push & Pull levers, from the adjustable wands allowing a wide range of movement to the wide work tray where the cup is always visible.

Also included in price:

  • Professional set up and installation
  • Bench Test Machine
  • Water quality/clarity test
  • Equipment Maintenance Training
  • 24 Hour Business Day Response
  • Free installation of a purchased Water Softening System
  • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
  • Full Simonelli Warranty
  • Plan may not be available everywhere and must be verified by Simonelli
  • Extra shipping costs for orders outside of the continental U.S. may apply

Please Note: The installation of a water softener is mandatory when the coffee machine is fed with water whose hardness rate is higher than 3 grains per gallon (50 parts per million). 

When the pressure of the water line is superior to 6 bar, it is necessary to install a pressure reducer before the espresso machine.

This is ALL inclusive!

  • NO Sales tax! (except customers in Louisiana)
  • FREE Shipping in the continental U.S.A.
  • Our tech installs the espresso machine for FREE!

    There is nothing more you need to pay!
    When we leave, you're in business!

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