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Simonelli Mythos Plus - Java Exotic Imports

Simonelli Mythos Plus


Simonelli Mythos with Dynamometric Tamper (PLUS) Commercial Espresso Grinder

Model AMI702108

Ascetically the Mythos Plus is almost identical to that of the Mythos Basic, with its curved edges and sleek compact design. The main variation being the dynamometric tamper located on the front of the machine. This compact lever has been designed to be ergonomic while remaining compact, to allow it to fit into any setting.


The Mythos Plus’s most notable feature is its dynamometric tamper. A feature
which was designed from the ground up to maintain a quick and consistent tamping pressure. While adjustable, our technicians pre-set the ideal tamping pressure before arriving on your doorstep so you can get busy making that perfect cup.

To use it you simply place the empty porta filter in the machine allow it to dose your coffee, move the porta filter back slightly, and press the lever down till it clicks. At this point you should have a perfectly formed puck inside the porta filter ready to be inserted into the group head.

This technology in combination with one of our volumetric machines not only improve consistency drastically but also can help productivity when a potential customer rush comes through the door.


Power Requirements

  • Volts: 110 (voltage range of 110-125)
  • Watts: 800
  • Amp draw: 8
  • Receptacle: Nema 5-15

Counter Space Requirements

  • Height: 25 inches
  • Depth: 20 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Weight: 53 pounds

Grinds INSTANTLY and QUICK maximizing the flavor!

  • Fully Automatic grind, dose, tamp - Perfection!
  • Digital on demand grinder with micrometric adjustment
  • The Mythos features a automatic dispensing, dynamometric adjustable tamper
  • The Mythos combines the latest technology with the best materials and construction techniques to produce a truly outstanding grinder
  • Highly customizable and easy to use, it is perfect for the bar or cafe where speed, consistency and ease of use is essential.
  • The Mythos Digital Coffee grinder is an on demand grinder with micrometric adjustment,automatic dispensing, dynamometric adjustable tamper.

This heavy duty professional coffee grinder is Italian designed and built with an aluminum body with Stainless Steel panels (Black), has a hopper capacity of 3kg , Titanium grinder blades and has a patented micrometric system which allows perfect grinding adjustment.

Dosage control is Electronic via 3 programmable dosages + manual 2 dispensing systems: Automatic/Manual

Optional colors (Red and Pearl White) are stock photos.


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