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Victoria Arduino White Eagle VA358 3 Group Digit - Java Exotic Imports

Victoria Arduino White Eagle VA358 3 Group Digit


VA358 WHITE EAGLE 3 Group Digit

Model MVA358AVDG03ND0001

This reduces the possibility of human error to ensure ever more consistent creamy milk foam. Easycream technology, in fact, allows the barista to overcome the challenge of consistency through automated milk preparation that replicates the gestures of good bartender. Experience from the best has been transformed into technology to ensure evermore consistent cups of coffee.
Uses steam from boiler but has its own compressor.
* available as an option only - installed on left hand side*

Cool touch steam wand

Easier cleaning and more safety for the barista.
The new cool touch wand installed on the VA358 White Eagle is always cold, even when delivering steam. It eliminates any risk of scalding for the barista, reducing the possibility of encrusting the milk and increasing the speed of cleaning.

Side panels in black.

Please Note: For demonstration purposes, some of the photos shown are of the 2 Group model.

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